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Kim Coon: Golden Opportunity

A self-described “dog-person,” Kim Coon has a passion for Golden Retrievers that runs deep. For the last 10 years, she has directed that devotion into volunteering for Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon, a volunteer-run, nonprofit that rescues Golden Retrievers and places them in loving homes.

“Goldens have a special spirit,” Kim said. “They love you unconditionally and want to be part of your family and part of your pack.”

The breed’s strong desire to love and be loved is why Kim signed up the Golden Bond foster rescue program in 2007. Since then, she and her husband Wally have fostered 11 golden retrievers at their home and property in Boring, Oregon. Foster dogs stay with them anywhere from a few weeks to several months – as long as it takes for Golden Bond to find a family that’s the right fit.

Kim with Elsie, her newly adopted Golden Bond rescue puppy from China.

Kim with Elsie, her newly adopted Golden Bond rescue puppy from China.

Since nonprofit started in 1992, it has found loving homes for 2,650 Goldens. Many of the dogs Golden Bond rescues are relinquished by owners who can no longer care for them for a range of reasons. But the organization also rescues dogs from the dog meat trade in China.

This summer, when Kim and Wally learned that Golden Bond was bringing a litter of puppies to Oregon from China, they decided to adopt. Elsie, pictured here with Kim, is now the newest member of the family.

All the dogs Kim has fostered have earned a place in her heart, but one in particular stands out – literally. Dozer (short for “Bulldozer” – albeit a friendly one) performed what Kim described as a “happy dance.” To greet people, Dozer would stand up on his hind legs and do a little jig to stay balanced. This charming trait endeared Dozer to Kim, and he became one of her favorites. The “dancing dog” lived with them for six months until he was finally placed with a family in Washington State.

Kim is a supervisor and business analyst on NW Natural’s Business Systems team and has been at the company since 2001. Her desire to create positive outcomes plays into her work and her desire to place dogs in the best homes possible. It brings her great joy to find the perfect “forever family” for a dog, and to see how delighted people are when they take home their new pet. After the adoption, Kim often stays in touch with the family, forming a new “golden bond.”

Interested in forging golden bonds of your own? Visit the Golden Bond Rescue website to learn how to adopt a dog, provide foster care, volunteer or donate.

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