Environmental Stewardship

NW Natural reflects the values of the Pacific Northwest, where we’ve been in business since 1859. That’s why environmental stewardship is one of NW Natural’s core values.


Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

NW Natural Adds Renewable Natural Gas through Partnership with City of Portland.

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Responsible Gas Production

We care about the environmental impact of the product we sell. So we want to pass on information about shale gas development and hydraulic fracturing, referred to as “fracking.”

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Promoting Energy Efficiency

It’s in everyone’s best interests to conserve energy. That’s why we have been a partner with Energy Trust of Oregon since 2003 to promote energy efficiency.

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Smart Energy

What reduces greenhouse gas emissions, supports development of a new renewable resource and gives customers a way to fight climate change?

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  • Direct use of natural gas—It makes good environmental sense to use natural gas, rather than electricity, where gas is available.
  • Natural gas vehicles—As the world gets more serious about reducing carbon emissions and using energy more efficiently, natural gas will have a central role to play.
  • Business practices—Environmental stewardship requires a combination of big initiatives and day-to-day awareness of our impact on the earth. Here’s what NW Natural is doing to make sure our operations leave the earth as we found it.
  • Environmental partners—When we say, “We grew up here,” it means we feel like family with the land, as well as the communities, of the Northwest. And part of being a family is contributing.