Business Practices

Treading more lightly in every way.

Environmental stewardship requires a combination of big initiatives and day-to-day awareness of our impact on the earth. Today the company is looking at major aspects of its operations to see what changes it can make, big and small.

Reducing our carbon footprint, and more

In a coordinated effort, the company is focusing on improving sustainable practices throughout the way we do business. Here are some of the steps we're taking:

  • Energy Efficiency. We installed motion detectors and reduced light fixtures to decrease our electric use. We also replaced inefficient equipment with higher efficiency models when appropriate.
  • Waste Diversion. All of our facilities participate in workplace recycling. Our headquarters in Portland, Oregon also offers composting in each break room to further our waste diversion rates.
  • Resource Awareness. We have substantially increased the percentage of recycled office products we purchase - particularly with the addition of remanufactured toner cartridges.
  • Facility Remodels. Our building renovations have been completed with environmental impact and efficiency in mind. The energy efficiency upgrades we've made meet the Oregon Energy Efficiency Specialty Code.
  • Lower Carbon Fleet. We're in the process of transitioning our fleet to bi-fuel - fueled by both Compressed Natural Gas and un-leaded gasoline. We've also implemented idling reduction policies that are focused on changing driver behaviors, and we're continuing to explore new technologies to reduce our fleet’s carbon footprint.

Grassroots efforts

NW Natural’s SustainNet and NW Natural Green Team are both employee-based groups dedicated to applying the value of environmental stewardship. Through participation in the BTA Bike Commute Challenge, NWEI Eco Challenge and monthly educational brown bag meetings, these groups are constantly looking at ways employees can incorporate sustainable practices into their lives. Thanks to the efforts of these programs, and the dedication of our leadership to environmental sustainability, NW Natural has earned the Sustainability at Work Gold Certification from the City of Portland.