Promoting Energy Efficiency

Northwest consumers are looking for ways to reduce their energy use, to help the environment and to save money. NW Natural works aggressively to help them do both.

In 2003, NW Natural became one of the first utilities in the nation to change the way it bills customers. This rate structure took away the company’s incentive to sell more gas to individual homes and businesses.

Now, the company is fully aligned with the interests of its customers, who want to reduce their energy use and their impact on the environment.

Partners with Energy Trust of Oregon

NW Natural works closely with Energy Trust of Oregon, helping customers save energy and money through energy efficiency programs and services. Energy Trust of Oregon helps NW Natural customers in Oregon and SW Washington understand their energy use and the variety of things they can do to stay comfortable while using less natural gas. It also provides incentives so customers can start saving money quickly on their energy-efficiency investments.

Helping low-income customers save energy

NW Natural has worked with Oregon and Washington community action agencies to make weatherization services available to more low-income people than ever before. The programs help homeowners tighten drafty houses and upgrade to high efficiency equipment – saving energy and money.