Responsible Gas Production

While we don’t engage in drilling operations, we care about the environmental impact of the product we sell, and we know our customers do too. This section provides an overview of issues related to natural gas development and how producers are addressing them.

What is Fracking?

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, uses water, sand and small amounts of chemical additives to free up oil and natural gas from dense rock formations.

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Several of the main environmental concerns associated with shale gas focus on water: how much is used and the potential for contamination.

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Like any industrial activity, gas drilling and associated processes can affect air quality. However, industry innovations are helping to lower emissions.

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Land and Wildlife

Natural gas drilling takes place near urban communities and in wide open rural lands. Here are some ways the gas industry is working to reduce its impact on land and ecosystems.

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Gas exploration brings jobs and new revenue into communities. But good planning is needed to reduce local disruption.

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Investment in Gas Development

NW Natural has invested in a natural gas field in Wyoming. Learn about the best practices being used by the producer in this field.

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Benefits of Domestic Gas

New supplies - developed soundly - reduce energy costs and lower emissions.

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