Natural Gas Supply Collaborative

NW Natural and other gas purchasers are promoting transparency in upstream production practices.


NW Natural is one of nine natural gas purchasers calling for increased transparency in upstream production practices through the Natural Gas Supply Collaborative. (NGSC). The NGSC is a voluntary group interested in promoting safe and responsible practices for the supply of natural gas.

On October 30, 2017, the NGSC issued its initial report describing 14 non-financial performance indicators for natural gas producers that respond to stakeholder questions about four key topic areas: methane and air emissions, water, chemical use, and community impacts and workforce safety.

The report, Performance Indicators for Natural Gas Production, also highlights best practices for producers to use to protect the environment and the communities in which they operate. Indicators were drawn from existing voluntary reporting frameworks with feedback from a diverse set of stakeholders.

"We care about the environmental footprint of our product, and we know our customers do, too," said Bill Edmonds, NW Natural director of environmental management and sustainability. "The environmental and social performance indicators outlined in this report highlight key topics of interest for natural gas purchasers and our stakeholders."

Natural gas purchasers working toward common interest

Founding NGSC participants include Austin Energy, Calpine Corporation, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, National Grid, NRG Energy, NW Natural, Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Xcel Energy. These companies represent some of the largest natural gas purchasers in the country. Collectively, NGSC participants deliver enough natural gas to meet the needs of more than 36 million U.S. households.

According to the group, many stakeholders are increasingly calling on the natural gas industry to provide more information related to practices associated with natural gas production. The NGSC's initial goal is to encourage producers to provide accessible, clear and thorough discussion of important environmental and social issues through their company websites and annual reporting.

Upstream emissions and the Low Carbon Pathway

The collaborative aligns with NW Natural's own Low Carbon Pathway goal to reduce the carbon intensity of our product. NW Natural has already replaced all cast iron and bare steel pipe in its system, which means it's necessary to look upstream of our pipeline system to production at the wellhead in order to find significant emissions savings.

This approach involves working with producers upstream to improve gas production practices. NW Natural has actively advocated for more transparency in the gas production sector.

NW Natural worked previously with the Natural Resources Defense Council to identify best production practices; indicators in this new report are consistent with best practices the NRDC identified around methane emissions as well as water, land and community impacts.

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