Rate Summaries and History

Browse this section to view our billing rate summaries, history of general rate changes, history cost of gas and Oregon and Washington billing rate histories.

  • Billing rate summaries—Summary of monthly sales and transportation billing rates for Oregon and Washington.
  • General rate case filing—For the first time in six years, NW Natural filed for a rate increase in December 2017. This filing was updated in March 2018 to take into account the effects of tax reform. In short, the company has requested a 4% increase to its revenues to cover costs to operate and maintain the natural gas distribution system while continuing to provide customers with safe and reliable service. The filing is being reviewed by the Public Utility Commission of Oregon and other stakeholders. The process could take up to 10 months with new rates effective Nov. 1, 2018.
  • History of general rate changes—General rate case history from 1975 - present.
  • History of cost of gas—Annual and winter sales weighted average cost of gas from 1988 - present.
  • Oregon billing rate histories—Rates - Schedule 2 through 33.
  • Washington billing rate histories—Rates - Schedule 1 through 43.