Company Culture

Community involvement, a commitment to diversity and core values are what drive NW Natural.

NW Natural has a long and rich tradition of community involvement. For more than 160 years the company has been committed to the growth and prosperity of the communities it serves. And that tradition is evident in our work processes, policies and through the company’s mission and values.

Our mission:

We provide safe, reliable and affordable energy in an environmentally responsible way to better the lives of the public we serve.

Our core values:

Safety is critically important in all aspects of the company’s operations whether in training for employees, education of consumers, or exceeding all regulatory requirements for pipeline safety.

Integrity means being honest and ethical in everything we do, and being true to our word.

Service Ethic underlies the company’s commitment to reliable and efficient operations as well as the desire to help others and solve problems.

Caring is reflected in the importance of teamwork, family, and fun as well as in the valuing of diversity, community involvement, and employee volunteerism.

Environmental stewardship is reflected in our commitment to conservation and a cleaner environment.

Commitment to diversity

NW Natural is committed to its employees and encourages enhancement in all levels of the company. Through the development of various diversity programs, NW Natural is focused on embracing community and cultural values. Current diversity programs include the following:

Diversity and Inclusion Council: Members of the Diversity and Inclusion Council are individuals from all levels of the organization, as well as representatives from the Diversity Network and Women’s Network. The council’s vision statement is: “NW Natural supports an environment for its employees that creates opportunities, encourages respect and trust, and values diversity and an inclusive teamwork approach. Such an environment contributes to the success of the organization and its employees and is essential to the service we provide to our customers and communities.”

Women’s Network: The Women’s Network vision—To build an environment, both at work and in our community, that encourages, rewards, and respects and values the professional and personal diversity, creativity, contributions, and accomplishments of all women employees.

NW Natural is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.