Natural Gas Storage

Questions about Aliso Canyon in California? (As of 1/8/15)

According to news reports and statements by SoCal Gas, on Oct. 23, 2015, SoCal Gas discovered a leak at its 86 billion cubic feet Aliso Canyon storage facility in Los Angeles County, California from a well originally developed for oil production in the 1950s. To date, SoCal Gas has been unable to stop the leak, which appears to stem from a damaged well casing at approximately 3,800 feet underground. The news reports also say the company began drilling a relief well on Dec. 4, 2015 that will be used to intercept and seal the leaking well, and it will likely be completed between late February and late March of 2016.

You can read more details on the SoCalGas website.

NW Natural’s Storage Facilities

NW Natural has two underground storage facilities with geologic reservoirs that have only held natural gas. We use these naturally occurring spaces underground to store natural gas. This allows the company to often save customers money by purchasing natural gas in the summer when consumer use and prices are lower; store it in the reservoirs; and then withdraw it in the winter when customer demand and prices are higher.

About Our Locations:

  • We have storage facilities at Mist, Oregon, 60 miles northwest of Portland, and about 20 miles from Vernonia and St. Helens. These storage wells were drilled starting in 1989. The Mist storage field has a total working capacity of about 16 billion cubic feet.
  • We also have storage facilities at Gill Ranch, about 25 miles west of Fresno, California. These storage wells were drilled in 2010. The Gill Ranch storage field has a total working capacity of 20 billion cubic feet.

At both of our storage sites, we meet and often exceed state and federal regulations. We monitor pressure levels for anomalies 24/7; 365 days a year, keeping an eye out for any changes that indicate a leak. We also do daily inspections of our equipment and facilities, and both facilities are also regularly inspected by the commissions in Oregon and California.