The Portland Gas & Coke Building

The Portland Gas & Coke Building, also called Gasco, is of interest to many Portlanders. Unfortunately, it’s also unsafe.


In 1913, Portland Gas & Coke built a plant in North Portland to manufacture gas from oil – the technology of the time. Natural gas came to Portland in the mid 1950's – eliminating the need for manufactured gas – and the company shut down the plant soon after.

The administration building is the only structure remaining on site from those days, and it has been unused since the gas manufacturing days. It has been unused since 1958. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll on the building. It is structurally unsound. It also is contaminated with asbestos and other material. The building is extremely unsafe at this time.

To preserve the clock from the building’s tower, NW Natural donated it to Oregon State University in 1988. It can still be seen on historic Benton Hall.


Plans for the future

While NW Natural has no immediate plans to take down the building, it is likely the structure will be removed at some time.

Many people have asked for permission to take photos of the building from the site. We cannot allow anyone on the property at this time. However, a professional photographer has taken photos, which we will be happy to share if you are interested.