Gas does it better

For many business purposes, nothing beats natural gas.

From heating to special processes, natural gas equipment can be the best solution to your business needs.

Comfort and convenience

Whether you run an office operation, a restaurant, a retail shop or another type of business, you want your employees to be comfortable. That’s why high-efficiency gas equipment is your best bet during a Northwest winter.

And if your customers come in to eat, shop or meet, greet them with an inviting natural gas fireplace on a cold day. Nothing is more welcoming – or easier to use. Today’s remote or timer controlled equipment guarantees that you have the comfort of a hearth when you want it.

Equipment for your business

A professional chef wants a natural gas cooktop. A building contractor wants natural gas for dry-outs. An industrial food processor wants boilers, dryers and ovens for processing. And the owner of a commercial laundry wants gas dryers to keep the business working efficiently and effectively.

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