Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to help you plan for your energy needs – plus information we’ll need to help us answer your business-specific questions.

Affordable, reliable natural gas is an asset for many businesses and industrial purposes. To make sure your gas service is ready for you to use when your business opens, we encourage you to contact NW Natural as early as possible. These FAQs can help prepare you for your first conversation with our team.

Is there gas where I’m considering locating my business? View answer
We’re proud to serve over 64,000 businesses. Even so, gas mains are not present in every location or existing mains may not have sufficient capacity to serve major gas consumers without infrastructure improvements. It is, therefore, important to contact our team when you’re evaluating a particular site.
If the property isn’t already hooked up to gas service, how much will it cost my business to bring gas to that location? View answer
The cost of providing natural gas depends on many factors, including distance from the gas main, how much gas your business will use and the type of equipment. Frequently, gas can be provided at no cost to the customer. Please contact our team for an evaluation.
How much will gas cost my business each month? View answer

The cost of gas varies based on your usage pattern and choice of rate schedule and options. Upon request, the Major Account Services group will provide complimentary rate analyses to assist you in choosing the rate schedule and options best suited for your situation.

NW Natural’s current rates are posted here:
Oregon rates
Washington rates

Historical rate information can be found here:
Rate summaries histories

What kind of information does NW Natural need to estimate the initial cost and your weekly bill? View answer
  • Business segment
  • Proposed location(s)
  • Number of operating shifts/days a week
  • Total connected load per hour (in therms/Dth/MMBtu/cf or ccf)
  • Minimum delivery pressure
  • Monthly gas use profile
  • Level of gas service requested (firm/interruptible, sales/transportation)
  • Number and type of gas equipment
  • When gas will be needed
  • Future plans