NW Natural

Bringing energy to customers since 1859.

NW Natural is one of the oldest companies in Oregon. We are an integral part of the communities we serve – and we are committed to their success, as we are to the success of our customers. We look forward to working with you.

About NW Natural

NW Natural, a gas-only local distribution company, has operated continuously since 1859. We invite you to read a quick history of the company.

Business services

Visit the Business section of our website for an overview of services and information for small and large companies.

Active service and franchise area

NW Natural’s franchise area extends from southwest Washington down through the Willamette Valley past Eugene, Oregon, and west to the Oregon Coast. It also includes communities along the Columbia River Gorge.

You can find a map of the communities we serve here.

Corporate citizenship

We like to say, “We grew up here,” because we are proud of our long service in the region; the fact that all our employees live and work in the area; and because we are such an integral part of every community we serve. NW Natural actively supports Pacific Northwest communities with a dependable philanthropic program; in-kind contributions to a variety of community-based efforts; and employees who give generously of their time and money to support the causes they care about.

Environmental stewardship is one of NW Natural’s core values. We work hard to help our customers save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while taking steps to reduce our own operations’ impact on the earth.

You can read about our community activities, our environmental efforts, and our health, safety and diversity programs in our annual Community & Sustainability Report.

Customer satisfaction

For three out of the last six years, NW Natural has received the highest ratings in the nation on the J.D. Power Gas Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study. This year, NW Natural earned the second highest ratings in the West in the Gas Utility Business Satisfaction Study, as well.