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NW Natural prides itself on excellence of operations and customer service. We work closely with large business customers to make sure they have the gas service they need and that the service options they choose match their energy use and business needs.

Interested in natural gas service?

Call 800-422-4012, ext. 2512 and speak to the Major Account Services Team about starting your natural gas service. You can also review this list to find a Major Account Services Manager who focuses on businesses like yours.

Contact us early in the process

Are you building a new facility? If you are looking for a facility, contact us to find out about gas availability. If you have selected a site, let us know as soon as possible so we can coordinate service installation with your design efforts, permitting process and construction contractors.

Affordability of natural gas

The cost of natural gas to NW Natural’s customers in Oregon and Washington is lower than it was 10 years ago – and experts predict gas costs will remain flat at least through 2035.

Lower natural gas prices provided an increase in real disposable income per household of approximately $1,200 in 2012. This will steadily increase to $2,000 in 2015 and more than $3,500 by 2025. A natural gas vehicle will save you an average of $4,500 in fuel costs over five years compared to a gasoline vehicle.

Low gas costs mean real savings to business and industry – as well as new jobs for the U.S. Recent studies by IHS document the expected increase in manufacturing jobs because of competitive energy costs, attracting new investment and the relocation of manufacturing plants to this country from Europe and elsewhere on the globe. For example, HIS predicts investments of $129 billion by the year 2025 in the chemical industry alone, tied to domestic natural gas production.

Service and transportation options for industrial customers

NW Natural wants to help your company find the right service solutions for your size and energy needs – whether that’s helping you find a third-party marketer or advising you on the choice between firm and interruptible power. Review this section of our website and then contact the Major Account Services Team to discuss your service options.

Gas supply diversity

Natural gas is delivered to NW Natural from major supply basins in British Columbia, Alberta, and the Rocky Mountains via the interstate pipeline owned by Williams/Northwest Pipeline.

On and off system storage

In 1989, NW Natural began its commercial storage operations in the Mist underground storage facility about 50 miles west of Portland. Mist has the capacity to store 16 bcf of natural gas and is used to satisfy 25 percent of the company’s load on the coldest days.

The company also operates two liquefied natural gas storage plants equaling 1.6 bcf and contracts for service at two other storage facilities located in Washington state.

Safety record

Since installing its first transmission line in 1956, NW Natural has successfully designed, constructed, owned, operated and maintained more than 500 miles of transmission pipeline and 20,000 miles of distribution lines. NW Natural has ongoing leakage inspection, corrosion control, damage prevention, and landslide mitigation programs. Additionally, the company has replaced all of its cast iron pipes with modern materials of polyethylene pipe or corrosion-resistant coated steel and will have replaced all bare steel pipes in its system in the near future. The results are an incredibly tight system with minimal loss to leakage.

Customer support

NW Natural’s Major Account Services group is dedicated to serving our commercial and industrial customers’ needs. It provides a range of services, beginning with information for businesses interested in locating in the area. Once a business is an established customer, Major Account Services continues to assist a customer with billing and rate information, technical advice and other services.