Environmentally Friendly

Using natural gas can reduce the impact of your business on the environment.

The Pacific Northwest prides itself on its environmental awareness. More and more, customers expect businesses to share their environmental values – and be aware of carbon emissions. State and federal legislation adds another reason to consider your business’ environmental impact.

Here are some facts to consider when you are deciding on the equipment and appliances for your business.

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel

Natural gas is inherently efficient and abundant throughout the United States and Canada, providing clean energy for a wide range of local uses in homes, schools, and businesses.

  • When burned, natural gas produces about 45 percent less carbon dioxide than coal, about 30 percent less than oil, and about 15 percent less than wood.
  • Natural gas is extremely efficient when it combusts, producing heat, water vapor and carbon dioxide.
  • Natural gas produces almost no carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, dissolved solids or airborne particulates, all of which can be harmful to human and animal health.

Choosing natural gas automatically lowers your reliance on electric utilities that burn coal or inefficiently use natural gas to make that electricity. By doing so, you'll personally help lower carbon emissions, smog and acid rain. You'll also create fewer greenhouse gases, doing your part to slow or reduce the effects of global climate change.

Plentiful supplies and a renewable future

At the same time, natural gas is more plentiful and more cost-effective for most people than renewable sources of energy, such as wind, solar and biofuels. One day, we hope renewable energy can replace coal and oil as energy sources. Together, natural gas and renewable energy are helping society transition to a cleaner future.

Bottom line? Choosing natural gas and high-efficiency gas appliances for your home or business is something you can feel good about today and tomorrow.