Other Gas Applications

Facts on natural gas applications, building dry-outs, cutting torches and dryers/ironers.

Natural gas is used for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Offering numerous advantages over other fuels, natural gas is cost effective, clean burning and high performing.

Building dry-outs

Why use natural gas for building dry-outs?

  • Gas provides a lower cost and dries fast.
  • Buying natural gas is easy.
  • There is no need to refill tanks.
  • NW Natural provides experienced technicians for set up and monitoring.

Cutting torches

Why use natural gas for cutting torches?

  • Gas is more cost effective.
  • Cleaner flame—no carbon deposits.
  • Lowered tendency for hardening of the cut edges.
  • Less tendency for the flame to flash back.
  • Prolonged torch and tip life.
  • Elimination of fuel cylinders.

Dryers / ironers

Why use natural gas dryers and ironers?

  • Commercial laundromats use natural gas dryers because they're quicker and more economical than electric dryers. Developers and managers of multifamily complexes, hotels, and hospitals prefer gas dryers because with no elements to burn out they require less maintenance. Plus, they're easy to install, requiring only a gas line and a 110V circuit, and no more venting than an electric dryer.
  • Natural gas ironers also offer several advantages for commercial customers. For example, gas ironers offer a high level of quality and service, while using one third less floor space and a vertical configuration.