Building With Natural Gas

Key considerations for single or multifamily homebuilders, and commercial and high-rise residential buildings.

Whether you are building a single home, an entire subdivision, townhomes, apartments, or high-rise condominiums, innovative, energy efficient, and cost-effective design options abound.

Natural gas will not only make your project the most comfortable in town, but the fastest moving as well, since NW Natural is here to support your marketing efforts. From co-op advertising to special events, open houses, and signage programs, natural gas isn’t just a great lifestyle, it’s also a great business choice.

If you are ordering a new gas service for a single family residential or infill address, go to our new online ordering system, NW Natural Partner Link! With Partner Link, you login to a secure site to see the latest status of your companies’ online orders, easily update company information and contacts, and even receive updates from NW Natural.  Click here to get started.

Single family

NW Natural has all the construction resources you’ll need to get natural gas to your next project, as well as make it more attractive to homebuyers.

We’re here to support you and your project, from installation services, meter placement to effective marketing programs designed to get your project noticed.

It’s clear that potential homebuyers prefer the benefits and value of high-efficiency natural gas furnaces, water heaters, gourmet cooktops and ranges, fireplaces, outdoor grills, and clothes dryers.


Natural gas is the clear fuel choice for your multifamily project. Though initial cost is important, the relationship with your NW Natural representative, our responsiveness to your utility needs, and the desirability of natural gas, all play crucial roles in the builder's decision-making process.


  • Value their strong relationships with gas representatives who inform them of new products and incentives and provide training and other support.
  • Appreciate the versatility of natural gas for a wide range of residential uses, from traditional heating and water heating to cooking, grilling, and hearth products.
  • New technology uses for gas are also available for gas-fired air conditioning, fuel cells and renewable projects that utilize natural gas to supplement solar hot water systems.
  • New metering technologies make it easy to install natural gas service.


  • Benefit from cost-effective gas amenities.
  • Prefer natural gas because it's a good energy value.

Commercial and high-rise residential

The Commercial Services Department is responsible for assisting with virtually every aspect of a project, from new gas technology information and proper meter placement to joint trenching coordination and compliance with the Energy Trust of Oregon. For more information, contact Bruce Dobbs at NW Natural, 503-226-4211, ext. 2378.