Marketing Programs

NW Natural supports energy-efficient natural gas homes and new construction projects through our innovative marketing programs.

Learn about marketing programs to support your business, including open houses, co-op advertising, lot signs, online tools, e-newsletters, collateral and forms, and our popular architect extension seminars.

Open House Program

A cornerstone of NW Natural’s builder marketing efforts has been our Open House Program. NW Natural sponsors open house events each year from March - October.

  • These events consist of lunches, grand openings and community socials.
  • Designed to create consumer and buyer traffic and provide exposure to new natural gas homes throughout NW Natural's service territory.
  • This popular program provides area builders and realtors with an opportunity to present the latest in new home construction, as well as network with industry peers, show homes to prospective clients, and enjoy great food provided by NW Natural.

Open House benefits for builders and realtors

NW Natural's Open House Program has a proven track record of success. Benefits to the hosting builder/realtor include:

  • An all-inclusive catered lunch, free of charge when a natural gas dryer or BBQ stub is installed in the featured home, along with the participation requirements listed below.
  • Free custom event door hangers provided by NW Natural for distribution to adjacent neighborhoods.

Open House participation requirements

Builders and realtors interested in participating in the NW Natural Open House Program must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 2 completed homes must be open for viewing.
  • The required natural gas installed equipment for the new home includes furnace, water heater, range/cooktop and fireplace.
  • Provide a $300 partnership fee (waived if a natural gas dryer/grill stub is also installed).
  • The garage of the featured home must be clean and open by 10 am the day of the event.
  • NW Natural will furnish the food, utensils, drinks and staff for a great promotional event. We also provide food serving tables and bistro tables.

Open House scheduling

The Open House Program provides a limited number of Open House events and available on first-come first-served basis. To schedule an Open House, please complete the Open House application in your area, scan it and send by email to the appropriate NW Natural Channel Manager. You will be contacted about availability.

Brenda Hartzog
Portland Metro
Open House Application

Jeffrey Tamburro
Portland Metro
503-226-4211, ext. 2551
Open House Application

Paul Willocks
Clark County, Washington
800-422-4012, ext. 2030
Open House Application

David Benton
Wilsonville to Albany
Open House Application

Jon Kloor
503-226-4211, ext. 8300
Open House Application

Subdivision signage

For builders and developers that feature natural gas in their homes, NW Natural will contribute $150 for a 15-lot or less subdivision and $225 for a 16-lot or greater subdivision towards a sign promoting their upcoming project. Please call us to find out what co-op level your subdivision qualifies for or to ask for a list of approved vendors.

Sign requirements for subdivision and construction site signage

  • The sign must include a NW Natural logo that represents a minimum of 20 percent of the content
  • Pre-approval by your Channel Manager is required

Construction site signage

NW Natural offers FREE construction site signs for our builders. Site signs:

  • Feature the builder's business name, business phone number, and CCB number and provide spaces for permit number, address and lot number.
  • Show potential buyers that your home features the comfort, convenience, and savings of natural gas appliances.
  • Please call us to find out what co-op level your subdivision qualifies for and other requirements. Please see Builder Contacts below.

Architect/engineering extension seminars

We’re pleased to provide brown bag seminars to the A/E community. We have found that this is an ideal forum for conveying information to the design community. We have seminars available, free of charge, on the following topics:

  • New natural gas technologies for multifamily projects
  • New natural gas technologies for commercial projects
  • International Mechanical Code compliance
  • NWN Standards compliance
  • Multifamily project design
  • Commercial project design
  • Integration of NW Natural services into Site Utility Plans
  • Cost saving opportunities for the installation of natural gas piping systems

Blueprints e-news

Blueprints is a free monthly e-news subscription for builders, developers and their realtors with access to:

  • Articles
  • E-library
  • White Papers
  • Calculators
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Ask the Expert
  • One-on-one consultations with industry experts

To subscribe to Blueprints, email us and we will add your name to our list of subscribers.

For more information about our marketing programs, please see our Builder Contacts.