Meter Valve Turn On Process

Process for new residential construction.

With the installation of a customer meter valve, a developer, contractor or homeowner can start the gas flowing to a new home without waiting for a NW Natural service technician.


NW Natural will install a customer meter valve between the gas meter and the green-tagged house line on new homes. We’ll leave the meter on at the time of installation, but the customer meter valve will be left in the “off” position.

Once all the appliances have been installed properly, a qualified homebuilder, contractor or a homeowner can turn on the valve at their convenience. All it takes is a wire cutter and a slow manual turn of the valve, and gas will begin flowing through the meter and to the appliances.

This approach will prevent delays in activating your natural gas service.

  • Any qualified party can turn on the customer meter valve.
  • Once the customer meter valve is opened, you’ll need to make arrangements to start up each of your gas appliances. The homebuilder who wants an HVAC contractor to light the appliances should coordinate the timing in advance to reduce extra trips and costs. (NW Natural will continue performing light up of equipment within the manufactured housing market and fuel change or conversion markets if that equipment is accessible.)
  • In the past, NW Natural service techs were unable to turn on your gas service because appliance installations were incomplete. Because NW Natural will not be lighting up the equipment, this no longer will be an issue. This procedure should eliminate delays and the need for additional trips that builders have experienced in the past.

This procedure applies to single and multifamily new construction; standard pressure and 2 psig meter installations, fuel-change meter installations and manufactured housing. It does not apply to commercial or industrial applications.

While this requires additional coordination between homebuilders and contractors, this procedure will significantly improve our service to you.