Project Planning

NW Natural can help you plan your project.

NW Natural has the resources that can help you secure natural gas for your next project. We provide many project planning resources:

Gas availability

NW Natural will assist in determining whether natural gas is available for your project. This may include calculating the additional cost, if any, that will be paid by the builder to have natural gas lines extended to your project.

Cost to serve the project

We will perform an internal feasibility analysis that will estimate the cost to serve the project versus the anticipated revenues that will accrue from the project.

Based on this analysis, NW Natural will determine whether the gas service can be provided to the project free of charge or whether it will be necessary for the builder to contribute to the project to offset some of the cost of service installation.

For residential projects, this will include evaluating the square footage of homes to be built and the gas appliances to be installed.

Planning process

NW Natural channel managers and engineers will assist the builder, architect or engineer in evaluating the feasibility of using natural gas for a single family, commercial or multifamily project. This may include assistance in calculating operating and first cost analysis versus other fuels.

Feasibility analysis

We will assist in performing simple payback or life cycle cost analysis on your project.

Design assistance

We will assist in laying out the natural gas system for a residential or commercial project. NW Natural will advise on meter placement, code compliance, pipe sizing and locating new/existing gas services on the site plan. We will also advise on the latest gas technologies for potential use in a project.

Application for service

We will assist the owner or contractor in completing and submitting the Application for Service that must be provided to NW Natural before our crews begin work.

It is important to submit the Application for Service as early in the project cycle as possible to ensure that gas services are provided in a timely manner and prior to the installation of asphalt and concrete surfaces at the project.