Why Natural Gas

Give tenants and buyers what they want.

The Northwest is a unique place to live and work. We love it for its beauty, commitment to protecting the environment and the quality of life it provides. Reliable and inexpensive energy might not come to mind. That’s where natural gas comes in.

Renter preference

It’s no surprise. Renters want homes that are comfortable and appliances that will save them money and provide superior performance. No serious food enthusiast would consider cooking with anything but gas. Natural gas is the fuel source that does it all.

In fact, renters are willing to invest about $84 more in rent per month to enjoy the comfort, convenience and reliability of natural gas.

Case study—Nearly 150 natural gas fireplaces replace higher electric bills.

Consumer demand

Buildings are easier to sell or lease when they come with the amenities that consumers demand. With electric prices on the rise, tenants and buyers alike take pleasure in knowing that the cost of enjoying their homes can be greatly reduced simply by having more efficient appliances.

In a 2014 Market Strategies International discrete choice modeling study, 80* percent of tenants prefer apartment with natural gas appliances if given the choice.

More about the study.

Good for the environment

There are numerous reasons natural gas is the premier choice when it comes to the environment. Natural gas emits far lower levels of greenhouse gasses and nitrogen oxides than many electric appliances and there are virtually no atmospheric emissions of small particulate matter or sulfur dioxide.

Natural gas provides consumers with long-term, sustainable energy and cost savings. It’s also bringing significant environmental and economic benefits to the nation – and the globe.

*$84 additional rent and 80% renter preference for gas was reported among Portland tenants paying $1,200+ in monthly rent.