Energy Trust of Oregon Business Services

Learn how Energy Trust of Oregon can save your business money and reduce energy use.

As a NW Natural customer, you can take advantage of Energy Trust services and cash incentives to upgrade your business and save energy and money.

Energy Trust is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping NW Natural customers benefit from saving energy. Their services, cash incentives and solutions have helped utility customers save more than $2.3 billion in energy costs. Energy Trust’s work keeps energy costs as low as possible, while helping to build a more sustainable energy future.

Service for Washington commercial customers

Energy Trust cash incentives, services and resources are available for Washington sales customers of NW Natural. To learn more about what is available for Washington customers visit Energy Trust or call 866-368-7878.

Create a better climate for business

Whether you run a small retail shop, large industrial facility or any business in between, Energy Trust can help with cash incentives, technical assistance, finding a contractor, installation and renewable energy solutions like solar water heating and more. If you're planning a new building, they also offer cash incentives and technical assistance to get your new facility off to the right start.

Making energy efficiency and renewable energy top priorities in the places and processes that drive your business is smart any way you look at it. The savings you realize on energy costs go straight to your bottom line. Many upgrades pay back their investment in three to five years or less. And you create more comfortable surroundings for your employees and customers, while reducing your business' impact on the environment.

To learn more about how Energy Trust can save your business money and energy, visit the business section of the Energy Trust website or call 866-368-7878.