Commercial Gas Service Installation

Guidelines and tips for new construction projects building with gas and converting existing buildings over to natural gas.


NEW 2-psig gas delivery pressure is now the standard delivery pressure for all commercial services. Click here for details  


Converting to Natural Gas

The first step in converting your business to natural gas is check for gas availability online in your area or by calling Customer Service at 800-927-6123 ext. 2360.

Once gas availability has been determined, converting your business to natural gas involves six straightforward steps:

Permits and Utility locates

If required, NW Natural will obtain permits for its gas service line work in the street.

After your order is processed, you will see some painted marks on or near your property. These locate your water, phone, sewer and electrical lines and the gas main in the street. The proposed route for the new gas service line to your business will be painted in white.

Your service line

A NW Natural crew will install the service line from the street to your business. If digging is required, NW Natural will restore your landscaping.

Your new gas equipment

Your contractor will install your natural gas equipment and connect the equipment to the meter. Before you select your equipment, ask your contractor about incentives that may be available from the Energy Trust of Oregon or tax credits from the Oregon Department of Energy.

The inspection process

Your contractor is required to obtain a permit from your local jurisdiction. The permit requires an air pressure test of your line. If it passes this test, an inspector will attach a "green tag." This step must be completed before NW Natural can activate your service. Most jurisdictions also require a final inspection of the gas equipment.

Activating your gas service

After the inspection is complete, contact us. At least one piece of gas equipment must be completely installed before we can turn it on for you. We must have access to the equipment and your thermostat.


Relax and enjoy the performance, comfort, and peace of mind provided by natural gas!


Building with Natural Gas

The Commercial Services Department is responsible for assisting with virtually every aspect of a project, from new gas technology information and proper meter placement to joint trenching coordination and compliance with the Energy Trust of Oregon.

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