Presurvey map request system to provide more direct access.

What are E-Maps?

E-Maps are an efficient way to obtain presurvey maps in a PDF format.

  • Maps can be obtained anytime, day or night.
  • Customers can obtain information without having to request a presurvey locate.
  • When you register for E-Maps you can take advantage of self-service maps.
  • Automated paperless service helps support a cleaner environment.
  • Maps can be searched by TRSQ, Township, Range, Section and Quarter Section.

Need to check if gas is available?

If you are wanting to check to see if there is natural gas available for your business, find out quickly by going to our Connect To Gas page.

How to get started

Email your request for access to emaps@nwnatural.com.

Include in the request:

  • County or counties that will be searched
  • Requestor's name
  • Requestor's phone number
  • Requestor's email address
  • Requestor's company name

A login ID and password will be emailed to the requestor.