Measurement Services

Measuring, tracking, metering and technology information at your fingertips.

Measuring your energy consumption

Knowing your energy consumption on a monthly, daily or hourly basis can make your operation more efficient. NW Natural can help you measure your energy consumption, even during smaller time intervals. This information can translate into lower costs and higher profitability. Energy measurement services can be applied either to your primary custody transfer meter or to the in-plant meters we provide.

Meter rental program

NW Natural can provide diaphragm and rotary meters for use in your facility.

Meters are supplied for a monthly charge and one time set-up charge. The customer is responsible for the meter installation and maintenance.

Advanced metering services

NW Natural offers advanced metering services, including a pulse output that allows for customer monitoring on demand.

For more information on NW Natural's metering services, see tariff Schedule 15 in Oregon and Schedule 10 in Washington.