Natural Gas Equipment

Natural gas brings comfort and convenience to your home, while reducing your environmental footprint.


Furnaces and Heating

Learn how the quality of your home’s heating system can directly impact how comfortable you and your family are in your home.

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Water Heaters

Have peace of mind. Enjoy plenty of hot water. Lower your energy bills. You get all that with a high-efficiency natural gas water heater.

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Flip a switch and set the mood with a relaxing fire.

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  • Cooktops and ovens—Cooking with natural gas is preferred by restaurant chefs across the country. Find out why.
  • Dryers—People are looking for ways to save time, add convenience and protect their clothing when it comes to doing the laundry. Try a natural gas dryer.
  • Grill and patio—Create an outdoor kitchen and living space.
  • Combination systems—What exactly is a combination system?
  • NW Natural Appliance Center—Check out the retail sales showroom, offering a great selection of natural gas products.