Flip a switch and set the mood with a relaxing fire.

All across North America, natural gas hearth products are rapidly replacing wood-burning appliances. That is because natural gas burns cleaner than wood and is often less expensive than wood or wood pellets, easy to operate, and more convenient.

Convenience and safety

You can have a fire when you want, for as long as you want. Starting a natural gas hearth product is as fast and simple as turning a knob or flicking a switch. Some models even come with thermostats and remote controls. Because natural gas hearth products also turn off just as easily, you never have to leave a fire burning when you leave your home or go to bed.

  • With natural gas, you don’t have to worry about creosote build-up or chimney fires.
  • No popping coals, ashes, or sparks.
  • Operation is safe, clean, and simple.
  • Not only do you avoid the preparation of hauling, chopping, and stacking wood, you no longer have to clean up. Even if you have only the last hour of the day to relax, you can enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fire and switch it off when you are ready to turn in.

Low-cost operation

Gas fireplaces can save consumers money over using purchased firewood.

  • Masonry fireplaces are 10 to 25 percent efficient, compared with efficiencies as high as 80 percent for natural gas fireplaces.
  • Heat the room you live in most for about $0.50 an hour, and turn down the thermostat in the outer rooms.
  • No need to change out your current heating system.

Choosing the right product

First, consider how you want to use your new natural gas fireplace. If you simply want the decorative beauty of a fire, then a log set will work fine for you. If you want to enjoy a beautiful flame as well as the warmth of an efficient heating device, a retrofit fireplace insert or a designated built-in fireplace is the right choice.

Varying models offer switch, remote control, or thermostat operation. The large selection of models allows you to decide where you want your new hearth product installed. You can remake a room by installing a natural gas fireplace against an outer wall, creating a hearth where none existed before. There are a variety of styles and efficiency levels of today’s hearth products.