Furnaces and Heating

If you don’t have natural gas heating, now is the perfect time to contact NW Natural.

A natural gas furnace offers exceptionally even heat – giving you a comfortable 110 to 120 degrees at the register. It also costs less than most other heating systems. It’s instant. It’s cleaner burning than oil. It’s reliable and trouble free. It operates as quietly as a whisper.

High-efficiency heating

If you already have natural gas and your heating equipment is more than a decade old, you can get more heat for your money by upgrading your heating system to a high-efficiency natural gas furnace.

Many older furnaces or boilers have Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings as low as 65 percent. AFUE is how the operating efficiency of heating equipment is measured. Consider that if you buy a dollar’s worth of gas and use it in a 65 percent AFUE furnace, only 65 cents worth of usable heat is going into your home. The other 35 cents? That’s the hot vapor you see coming out your furnace flue or chimney on a cold winter day. Newer natural gas furnaces have efficiency ratings as high as 97 percent, and boilers 91 percent.


Another advantage of natural gas is reliability. Natural gas is piped directly to your home. It’s always there when you need it. You won’t have to lie awake at night wondering if your oil tank is nearly empty, or possibly, leaking.

Natural gas furnaces are also workhorses. When properly maintained, a natural gas furnace will provide more than 20 years of service you can count on.


Consider the environmental impact of what you burn for heat. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fuel. In fact, it is far less harmful to the environment than oil, wood, or electricity generated from fossil fuels.

Natural gas produces about 30 percent less carbon dioxide than oil and about half that of coal or wood. When properly burned, natural gas produces heat, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. It produces almost no sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, dissolved solids, or particulate matter.

Efficiency and air quality

Popular models of natural gas furnaces are now 95 to 98% efficient and their efficiency is not determined by the climate or outdoor temperature as is true of a heat pump.

A new development in furnace technology is the variable-speed blower, which steadily and efficiently maintains a home’s temperature. The blower motor starts low and, if the set temperature isn’t reached quickly, the motor runs faster until it reaches the desired comfort level. A consistent level of air movement provides better air quality because the furnace runs more air through its filter system.

Modern programmable thermostats provide exceptional control, letting you operate your gas furnace at optimal efficiency.