Grill and Patio

Create an outdoor kitchen and living space.

Natural gas patio products, such as barbecues, lighting, and patio heaters, help make your backyard the perfect place for gathering all spring, summer and fall.

Natural gas grills

Natural gas barbecues take the food’s juices and turn them into flavor enhancing smoke.

  • Cooking is easier with natural gas because you have a flame at the touch of a button—without charcoal, lighter fluid, ashes or the risk of running out of fuel.
  • You have total control with precise, adjustable heat.
  • Cleanup is easy with porcelain coated or stainless steel grates.
  • Make a sustainable choice by purchasing a grill made with quality materials that are manufactured in North America. A longer warranty and durable manufacturing materials will help keep your grill out of the waste stream longer.
  • Extend your living space and keep the heat out of the kitchen. Grilling outdoors helps reduce the need for air conditioning to cool a hot kitchen on a warm summer day.

Natural gas patio heaters

A natural gas patio heater’s radiant heat will keep you and your guests comfortable long after your neighbors have gone inside for the season.

  • Portable, freestanding heaters will keep a 12 to 20-foot diameter area warm.
  • Permanent directional heaters can be installed under eaves, along walls, or on special posts.

Natural gas lighting

  • In 1859, Portland’s city streets were lit by gaslights served by NW Natural’s founders. Today, gaslights have returned as a beautiful patio accessory, providing a warm glow to any outdoor area.
  • Enjoy your evenings outside without the harsh glare of an electric porch light and without attracting bugs.
  • Automatic light sensors mean you won’t have to worry about wasting energy.
  • Gaslights can be mounted on a post or wall or on top of a brick or stone wall.