Combination Systems

What exactly is a water and heating combination system?

Combo systems are an efficient natural gas hot water heater and an air handler. They are competitively priced compared to the installed costs of similar electric systems. With few moving parts, they can also save money with easier maintenance. Also, since water is frequently circulating through the tank, sediment and mineral buildup is reduced. This adds life to the water heater.

How combo systems work

The water heater portion operates just like any efficient natural gas water heater. When space heating is needed, the thermostat activates a small pump. This circulates hot water from the water heater through an air handler coil. A fan then blows air through these coils into the duct system, creating comfy, warm air in your living space. As the water in the coils cools off, it is recirculated back into the water heater.

Combination systems require less installation space than conventional separate systems. That leaves more precious floor space for important things, like storage. The air handler does not require a gas line, exhaust venting, or combustion air. It can be located away from the water heater, recessed in a wall, drop ceiling, or closet, reducing ductwork and increasing flexibility.

Air conditioning units are easily installed by adding a cooling unit that operates from a standard air conditioning compressor. The same ductwork can be used for both heating and cooling.

Unlike electric heating systems that can blow cool and drafty air when the temperature drops, gas heat is warm, comfortable, and cozy. Because gas water heaters recover about twice as fast as electric models, there’s always plenty of hot water whenever it is needed.