2019 Winter Furnace Special Offer

Heat and Cool your Home for Less

Switch your home heating system to natural gas. Offer expires May 31, 2019.

New NW Natural (conversion) customers – WASHINGTON

Now through May 31, 2019, get up to $1,200 back when you convert your home electric or oil heating system to a high-efficiency natural gas furnace and air conditioner, installed by a NW Natural Preferred Contractor.

Eligible owners of single-family rental properties can get up to $1,550 back. See below for details.

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Incentives include:

  • $300 Instant Invoice Credit courtesy of the NW Natural Preferred Contractor who installs the natural gas furnace or boiler
    or $500 Instant Invoice Credit courtesy of the NW Natural Preferred Contractor when an additional central air conditioner is installed with the gas furnace
  • $500 Rebate from NW Natural when a NW Natural Preferred Contractor installs the new natural gas furnace
  • $200 Energy Trust incentive for a 95%+ AFUE, no ECM gas furnace*
  • $550 discount for a 90% AFUE gas furnace for eligible owners of single family rental properties, courtesy of the Energy Trust Trade Ally Contractor** 

Offer expires May 31, 2019. Some restrictions apply.

*Energy Trust incentives are only available for homeowners of existing homes (no new construction) and only when a natural gas furnace is used as the primary heating source (not available when used as back-up heat for a heat pump system).   

**Energy Trust's Gas Furnaces in Rentals program makes it easy for owners of single-family rental properties in Washington to make upgrades and save $550 instantly when installing a high-efficiency natural gas furnace. Click here for more information.

To qualify for the maximum NW Natural offered incentives you must use a NW Natural Preferred Contractor to install a 95%+ AFUE natural gas furnace and Central Air Conditioner. 


Save up to $750 in operating costs each year

The average home switching from an electric furnace can save about $750 each year*** by upgrading to more efficient natural gas equipment. See how much you can save by comparing the operating cost of your current heating equipment to a new high-efficiency system.

***The estimated energy bill savings are based on a 1971, one-story, 1,795-square-foot home in Vancouver with three occupants upgrading from an electric furnace  installed before 1989 to a 95% efficient natural gas furnace as provided by the Cake Systems energy use model. The average electric rate used for the comparison is $0.109 per kWh and the natural gas rate used in the comparison is $0.74 per therm. Estimates are provided for purposes of illustrating possible savings only – individual customer’s circumstances and savings may vary.

Energy Cost Comparison
Compare the cost of your current heating equipment to a new high-efficiency system.
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For qualifying models and tax details, please refer to the website below as it may be updated frequently:

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Please check with your tax advisor regarding tax advantages that may be realized by your purchase of a high-efficiency natural gas furnace or natural gas water heater. 

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