Oregon WARM Billing Method

Learn about WARM, and how it affects your bill.

WARM (Weather Adjusted Rate Mechanism) is NW Natural's default billing method for residential and commercial customers that adjusts bills during the December 1 through May 15 heating season.

Determine if you are in WARM

To determine if you are currently in WARM, check for a message on your bill. Each year, customers may opt into or out of the WARM Billing Method prior to the start of the heating season at any time between May 16 and September 30.

How WARM Works

WARM is intended to smooth out fluctuations in winter bills caused by weather variances. WARM calculates a bill adjustment to remove the effect of changes in gas use due to colder- or warmer-than-average winter temperatures. If weather is colder than average, for most customers WARM will lower the billing rate, or if weather is warmer than average, it will increase the billing rate. If there is little or no gas use in a month, some or all of the adjustment will be set aside to bill after May 15.

What are the benefits of WARM?

  • WARM helps avoid big winter bill fluctuations due to increased gas usage when weather is colder than normal.
  • WARM was designed for winter bills to reflect weather variances during the months that a colder- or warmer-than-average weather event occurs. Thus, NW Natural will not over-collect or under-collect the revenues needed to cover the costs associated with bringing service to our customers.
  • Eight out of the last 13 WARM heating seasons resulted in bill savings for Oregon customers.

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.