Flexible Payment Plans

We offer temporary payment arrangements, on an individual basis, to those in need.

NW Natural offers temporary payment arrangements that can be an option for customers having trouble paying their monthly gas bill. For more information, call a customer service representative at 800-422-4012 to see if you qualify for one of the plans below.

Level Payment Plan

This payment plan is an option for customers with a past due account. The Level Pay Plan allows customers to pay 1/12 of the total balance due, plus an equal installment each month until the customer’s account balance is paid off at the end of 12 months.

Each month, both your actual usage and your level payment amount will appear on the bill. The bill will show your account balance. Only your level monthly payment amount is due each month no matter what the account balance reflects.

The monthly payment amount may change without prior notice if there is a change in rates, a change in gas usage, or a change in service address.

Current Bill Plus Plan

Current Bill Plus allows a customer to pay 1/12 of the total balance, plus the current bill each month until the contract amount is paid off.

  • Lower initial payment required
  • Bills are unpredictable and vary according to usage per month

To learn more or enroll in either of the programs, please call Customer Service at 800-422-4012.