Low Income Assistance

Find out what you need to qualify, and how you can apply
for assistance.

Qualified limited or fixed income customers that need assistance paying their home energy bills need to meet state or federal energy assistance eligibility requirements.


  • Households whose income falls within the established income range by the State
  • Poverty levels are based on household income and household size payments vary accordingly
  • Every eligible household must apply at a local Community Action or Senior Agency
  • Both homeowners and renters are eligible

Who has priority?

Outreach is offered by prescreening for disabled, seniors, customers with medical problems and families with small children. Program benefits are received on a first come, first served basis.

Can payments be authorized for more than one type of fuel?

Yes. Payments can be applied to two fuel sources (for example: gas and electric). A major portion is distributed to the vendor of the primary heat source for the household.