Comfort and lower energy costs with natural gas.

In most areas, natural gas costs less than electricity for heating and water heating. In fact, NW Natural customers can cut their home heating and water heating bill in half by using natural gas instead of an oil or electric furnace and electric water heater*. Today, NW Natural customers are paying less for natural gas than they did 15 years ago.

As a regulated utility, NW Natural does not mark up the cost of your natural gas. We pay the same price for gas as you do. So you're getting your fuel “at cost.” You actually only pay for the services associated with delivering gas to your home or business, and for the amount of gas you use.


*The estimated energy bill savings are based on a 1955, two-story, 2,000 square foot home in Portland with three occupants upgrading from an electric or oil furnace and an electric water heater installed before 1989 to a 95 percent efficient natural gas furnace and .67 percent efficient natural gas water heater. Individual circumstances and savings will vary.