NW Natural's Cost Comparison Tool


NW Natural’s Cost Comparison Tool was created to help you select the energy source and equipment that’s best for you. Unlike other equipment calculators, the Cost Comparison Tool allows you to compare various types of heating and cooling equipment based on actual, local rates and weather information.

  • Equipment operating costs are calculated using actual oil, gas and electric rates
  • Local weather data is used to analyze climate impact on energy usage
  • Your home specifications are applied to provide accurate results



  • Compare your current heating and cooling equipment with up to two other options
  • Quick and easy to complete – 10 simple questions
  • Fine tune results with additional inputs
  • Estimate the payback period of purchasing new equipment
  • Email your results
  • Download or print results for future reference
  • Share your results through social media
  • Use the tool through any mobile device or online
  • Analysis is provided by Cake Systems from Earth Advantage Institute

 To compare your heating and cooling equipment, click here