Convert Your Home to Natural Gas

Check for gas availability; find a contractor, and more.

The first step in converting your home to gas is to check for gas availability online in your area or by calling Customer Service at 800-927-6123.

Once gas availability has been determined, you’re ready to convert to clean burning natural gas. Here are the next steps to consider.

Investigate offers

Before you select your equipment, you may want to check with your heating contractor for equipment options and offers or click here to view our Special Offers.


Your contractor will place an order with NW Natural for installation of a gas service line to the home.


If required, NW Natural will obtain permits for its gas service line work outside the home. Your heating contractor will be responsible for obtaining any required permits for the equipment and gas line inside the home.

Utility locates

After your order is processed, you will see some painted marks on or near your property. These marks indicate the location of your water, phone, sewer, and electrical lines and the gas main in the street.

Service line installation

A few days after the utility locates, a NW Natural crew will arrive to install the service line from the street to your home and set the meter.

New gas equipment installation

Your heating contractor will install your natural gas equipment and connect the equipment to the gas meter according to the schedule you and your builder agree upon.

The inspection process is completed

Your heating contractor is required to obtain all necessary permits and perform pressure tests on your houseline. If the houseline passes the pressure test, an inspector will attach a "green tag." This step must be completed before NW Natural can activate your meter. Most jurisdictions also require a final inspection of the gas equipment.

Your meter is turned on

After the meter is “green tagged,” NW Natural will activate your meter and your equipment will be ready for use.


Relax and enjoy the performance, comfort, and peace of mind that natural gas provides!