Natural Gas Cooktops, Ranges and Stoves

Professionals and home chefs prefer the infinite control of cooking with natural gas.

Because of its precision, cooking with natural gas is preferred by chefs across the country. In fact, most chefs refuse to cook on anything else. Whether cooking for your family or friends, you deserve the precision performance of natural gas. So turn on the gas flame and grab some recipes for get-togethers with family and friends — #CookingWithGas

Gas cooktops


Gas cooktops are easily installed against walls or into a free-standing island. A separate wall oven is typically located in another area of the kitchen. Additional features can include a grill, griddles, lift-out grease wells, steamers, deep fryers, and wok rings that replace burners in seconds.

Free-standing gas range

The most budget-friendly addition is a free-standing gas range because both the cooktop and oven are integrated into one affordable appliance. Choices include extra burners, low and high heat, larger oven capacities, and quick start burners, so spaghetti sauce can simmer while pasta heats quickly.

Natural gas stoves

Gas stoves are available in wall or under-counter models for baking, roasting, broiling and grilling. And they’re easy to access, without stooping over conventional range ovens. You can even order a double oven stacked top to bottom or side by side. Bake bread in one, and a turkey in the other. Other features include programmable readouts that cook and maintain dishes just at the right temperature. And for many, self-cleaning ovens are worth a few dollars more.

Use what the pros use

Professionals and home cooks prefer the infinite control of cooking with natural gas. And, if the power goes out, you can still use your surface burners for hot, home-cooked food.

The blue flame means there’s no guessing. That’s a safety advantage over electric cooktops. And a convenience advantage, too. No waiting for the burner to warm or cool, and once the burners are off, you don’t need to move the pan to prevent overcooking.