Excess Flow Valve (EFV) Notification

Customers have the option to request an EFV on the natural gas line that serves their home or business.


Excess Flow Valve (EFV) Notification

The United States Department of Transportation issued a new pipeline safety regulation that requires natural gas utilities to notify customers of their option to request an EFV be installed on the natural gas line that serves their home or business.

NW Natural has installed EFVs on its gas lines since the late 1990s. Today, there are more than 250,000 EFVs in place throughout our system.

What’s an EFV?

An EFV is a device that will automatically close and restrict the flow of natural gas if an underground gas line breaks or is completely cut. Most often, this happens as a result of some type of excavation or digging. An EFV may help limit damage that results from a break or cut, but the best way to protect against a pipe break or cut is to ensure that anyone excavating or digging on your property first call’s 811 to have underground lines properly marked before they start working.

An EFV will not protect against appliance malfunction, and will not protect against leakage or punctures from occurring on customer-owned houseline, or at the gas meter. An EFV installation may not be possible in some cases, such as in areas with natural gas delivery pressure less than 10 psi, where the volume of gas used will cause the EFV to be ineffective, or in other circumstances where the effectiveness of the EFV could be hindered.

Where is an EFV installed?

The EFV is installed underground on the service line that runs from the gas main line (usually located in or near the street, alley, or easement) to the gas meter located on the customer’s property. The EFV is typically installed as close to the gas main line as possible. The EFV must be installed only on NW Natural’s gas line, and only by NW Natural or its approved contractors. Any EFV installation found by NW Natural to be installed by someone other than an approved NW Natural representative or contractor may be removed at the expense of the customer.

How much does the EFV installation cost?

The requesting NW Natural customer will pay the entire cost of the EFV installation. The installation cost will vary greatly due to different installation conditions, and typically more than $1,500. NW Natural will provide a cost estimate and installation schedule following a site visit. There is no cost to the customer for ongoing maintenance of the EFV.

If you would like to request an EFV installation, or if you would like to find out if an EFV is already installed, please call us at 503-226-4211 x4344.