Public Education Requests

Natural gas is a safe fuel, but like any energy source it requires safety precautions.

NW Natural welcomes opportunities to provide safety education and outreach to the community through safety material, kit and speakers bureau requests. Please submit your request at least four weeks in advance.

Safety materials

We’ll send you copies of our safety brochure that covers what to do if you smell natural gas, how to prepare gas equipment for an earthquake, carbon monoxide prevention and much more. Plus, we’ll include scratch and sniff cards that smell like natural gas (rotten eggs). Just let us know how many people you expect at your event and we’ll do our best to fulfill your request.

Safety presentation kit

Our natural gas safety presentation kit includes safety brochures, scratch and sniff cards, a PowerPoint presentation recorded on a flash drive with audio, pens, and a few fun giveaways.

Safety Speakers Bureau

Through our Speakers Bureau, NW Natural offers presentations on natural gas safety to local civic groups, neighborhood associations, businesses and other organizations with groups of at least 25 members. Generally, our presentation lasts about 30-45 minutes, but can be modified to fit your schedule. Please know that we will work hard to fulfill your request, but in the event that we cannot, we can send you a gas safety presentation kit to use instead.

Please email all safety education requests to

Thank you for helping us to educate the public on natural gas safety!