Pipeline Integrity Management Program

As your local natural gas provider, we want you to know all that we are doing to ensure the safety of our pipeline system.

NW Natural has a “Pipeline Integrity Management Program” in place, which identifies:

1. Pipeline segments to be assessed

2. Methods selected to assess each pipeline segment

3. The basis for selecting each assessment method

4. A priority based schedule for completing the assessment

NW Natural will select the method or methods best suited to address the issues identified in each segment. They include:

1. Internal inspection tools – also known as “smart pigging"

2. Pressure tests

3. Direct assessments – a process that includes data gathering, indirect examination, direct examination, and post-assessment evaluation

4. Other proven technologies

Pipelines are the most efficient and safest method by which to transport and deliver natural gas, and they are inherently safer than other modes of transportation, such as rail, barge and truck.

While the amount of natural gas being used in the U.S. continues to increase, the industry’s safety performance in recent years has improved significantly and serious accidents are rare.

Pipelines help ensure a plentiful supply of natural gas to heat homes and businesses, and to generate electricity.