Gas Meter Exterior Accessibility Requirements

Give meters a little elbow room

Gas meters are highly sensitive instruments that record the amount of gas used every month. This information is used to accurately prepare your gas bill, which is why it’s important to maintain an unobstructed, working gas meter.

We share meter responsibility

NW Natural installs and maintains the meter to ensure accurate recording and billing, but we need your help to keep a clear path to the meter. In addition to regular readings, access to the meter is required for examination, replacement, maintenance or in case of an emergency.*

How much clearance does the gas meter need?

The gas meter needs a minimum 3 feet of clear and unobstructed space — including above and in front of it.

The meter needs an accessible foot path. If you have trouble getting to it, so will our technicians.

Do not enclose or build structures around the meter. It might not perfectly match the style of your home, but the meter must be outside in open, ventilated space.

How to clear a meter obstruction

Clearing space around the meter can be as easy as pruning a hedge. If considerably more work is needed, call us at 800-422-4012 to discuss accessibility issues and next steps.

If you need to re-locate the gas meter, which may be necessary when remodeling a home, we can walk you through the process.

During the winter, gently brush snow, ice or other debris off your meter with a soft broom or brush. Do not scrape ice from the meter with sharp tools.

What if a NW Natural technician is unable to access the gas meter?

You may receive communication letting you know why the meter is not accessible and how to contact us.

We may give you 30 days from notice to remove the obstruction. If the obstruction is not cleared within 30 days, natural gas service may be turned off until space around gas meter is cleared.

>> Have questions about NW Natural’s meter accessibility requirements? Please call us at 800-422-4012.

* Source: NW Natural P.U.C. Or. 25, Rule 21 Distribution Facilities: Access and Protection