In Case of High Water

Follow the steps below in the event of a flood.


Your gas meter and appliances

If water rises to the level of your gas meter or appliances, turn off your gas at the meter, if you feel you can do it safely. Follow these shut-off instructions.

Do not enter a flooded area to shut off appliances. Avoid flooded areas to protect yourself against high voltage electricity that may be present. Gas appliances are made with safety systems designed to shut off the gas.

Whether or not you can turn off your meter, call NW Natural at 800-882-3377. If you have turned off your meter, we need to know so we can follow up after the waters recede.

After the flood

After the waters recede, do not turn your meter back on if it has been turned off, and do not try to operate either a flooded meter or gas equipment.

NW Natural will visit your home to reactivate your equipment and meter, if possible - and if your gas equipment has not been submerged. If you aren't home, a technician will leave a card on your door instructing you to call the customer service line upon your return.

If your gas equipment has been flooded, you must have it inspected by a qualified, licensed HVAC technician or plumber before you can use it again. If you need service for any reason, call our customer service line at 800-422-4012.

Smell gas?

As always, if you smell gas, leave your house immediately and call our emergency line at 800-882-3377 once you’re away. Smell. Go. Let us Know.