Featured Circle Members

NW Natural supports these businesses and commends them for being leaders in the fight against climate change.

Portland Homestead Supply Co.  

Portland Homestead Supply Co.

Portland Homestead Supply Co. helps people make what they need by providing tools and supplies, workshops and community support.

Portland Homestead Supply Co.'s Commitment »

OmBase ~ organic free range yoga  

OmBase ~ organic free range yoga

“Organic free range yoga” might seem cute, but it speaks to a deeper mission and purpose at OmBase: to help you find the most sustainable way to live and be.

OmBase Yoga’s Commitment »

Ugly Mug Coffeehouse  

Ugly Mug Coffeehouse

Here, customers find good conversation, excellent conversation and an old Portland feeling — as well as a commitment to sustainability.

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This Eugene restaurant connects stewardship to solutions through its approach to food, from ingredient source to table service.

Tacovore's Commitment »

Sweaty Ganesh  

Sweaty Ganesh

This studio connects healthy living to mindfulness of our impact on natural resources and the environment.

Sweaty Ganesh's Commitment »

Ritual Arts  

Ritual Arts

From humanely sourced materials to waste-reduction practices, owners Jesse and Shane’s environmental ethic is every bit as strong as the dedication to their art and customers.

Ritual Art's Commitment »

Paradox Café  

Paradox Café

Café owner Bonnie Downey is a steward of neighborhood tradition and of an environment that supports our communities. That stewardship is on display each day at the Paradox Cafe.

Paradox Café's Commitment »

Langlitz Leathers  

Langlitz Leathers

Responsible business practices have sustained Langlitz Leathers for 70 years. Today, environmental sustainability remains an integral part of their business culture.

Langlitz Leathers' Commitment »


Yogi Tea

With every ingredient sourced, and every cup of tea made, Yogi supports quality, sustainability and social responsibility on a local, national and global level.

Yogi Tea’s Commitment »

The Oregon Convention Center

The Oregon Convention Center is a leader among its peers in environmental practices. Signing up for Smart Energy is another step toward sustainability.

Oregon Convention Center's Commitment »

PARR Lumber

Few companies are on par with PARR Lumber when it comes to protecting the environment. In addition to being a Smart Energy member, the company has launched two major green initiatives.

PARR's Commitment »

Grand Central Bakery

Grand Central Bakery captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest through locally sourced ingredients featured in its pastries, handmade soups and sandwiches.

Grand Central Bakery's Commitment »

Miller Paint

Adding another coat of green: Miller Paint has been into green long before joining the Smart Energy program.

Miller Paint's Commitment »

Chinook Winds Casino Resort

For the tribes who operate Chinook Winds Casino Resort, Smart Energy isn't about "going green." It's just business as usual for those raised in Native American culture.

Chinook Winds Casino Resort's Commitment »


Soft Star Shoes

Environmental sustainability is in the cultural fibers of Soft Star, whether it’s the materials, processes or resources used to make shoes.

Soft Star Shoes' Commitment »


Old Town Pizza

Old Town Pizza considers the environment in every step of its pizza making process.

Old Town Pizza's Commitment »


Albina Community Bank

Albina Community Bank creates hope and financial opportunity by building lasting banking relationships with those who care the most about our communities.

Albina Community Bank's Commitment »


Bike Gallery

Bike Gallery has one simple mission: to get more people on bikes more often.

Bike Gallery's Commitment »


PBS Engineering + Environmental

PBS Engineering + Environmental not only provides services that support sustainable industries and development, but is also committed to sustainability in the workplace.

PBS Engineering + Environmental »


Concordia University

Environmental stewardship is an expression of Concordia University’s mission: to prepare leaders for the transformation of society.

Concordia University's Commitment »