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PARR Lumber

PARR builds environmental awareness

Few companies are on par with PARR Lumber when it comes to protecting the environment. In addition to being a Smart Energy member, the company has launched two major green initiatives. The PARR High Performance System simplifies green building and helps construct homes that are healthy, energy efficient and environmentally sound. PARR's "Get Real" program identifies green products in its stores that are made with sustainable practices. PARR knows how much the building industry affects the environment and is doing all it can to minimize the impact.

Lumber and Building Materials Journal has also named PARR Lumber the magazine's 2009 "Entrepreneur of the Year." The magazine recognizes a dealer who has made a mark on the industry. PARR received this year's award for innovations and environmentally sound products. The "Get Real" program was specifically singled out for the award. Congratulations!

PARR's innovations and accolades are backed up with everyday "green" business decisions, including converting 70 percent of its motor vehicle fleet to bio-diesel. The company also added energy conserving lighting in 70 percent of its stores and purchases wind power for 40 percent of its use. That's smart.

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