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Rose Garden Arena

Go team, go green

When we think of the Portland Trail Blazers, we see red and black, the team colors. But the Rose Garden Arena, home to the Trail Blazers, is going green in many creative ways.

Most recently, the sports facility became a Smart Energy customer. The arena will offset 100 percent of its natural gas-related emissions through the Smart Energy program. It ties with the Oregon Convention Center as the largest Smart Energy participant.

The Trail Blazer organization, which owns the arena, is working to reduce its environmental impact in a many ways. For example, the arena management:

  • Buys 100 percent renewable energy and has installed energy-efficient lighting
  • Has a "no-idling" policy, requiring vendors to turn off vehicles during loading and unloading to reduce harmful pollutants from car and truck engines
  • Started using washable cleaning cloths, eliminating half a ton of disposable products each year
  • Is switching most of its disposable food and drink containers to products that can be made into compost

Every year, the Blazers host an annual Green Game, during which local sustainability-focused organizations are invited to talk to fans about simple ways to reduce their impact on the planet.

The Rose Garden Arena is blooming into a national model of green business practices. Join the Trail Blazers in becoming a Smart Energy participant, and demonstrate that Oregonians love green as much as they love red and black.

Rose Garden Arena / Portland Trail Blazers
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