Biogas Projects

Farm Power Lynden

In 2010, The Climate Trust contracted with Farm Power for Smart Energy’s third project. At Lynden Farm, manure is piped about a mile to a digester located next to commercial green houses. The project uses biogas to generate electricity, and captured waste heat from the generating process warms the greenhouses, displacing other fossil-fuel heating sources.

This commitment to expanding the sustainable benefits of the digester is part of Farm Power’s culture.


About Farm Power

Farm Power’s mission is to keep the food supply near where people live. To do so, the company builds and operates digesters in partnerships with farmers who provide the manure. Brothers Kevin and Daryl Maas, who own Farm Power, do the project legwork, including designing the digesters and raising funds. So far, Smart Energy has participated in three projects with Farm Power. "We want to make community digesters work for farms that are too small to do it themselves," said Daryl Maas, Farm Power co-founder.

Like Smart Energy, Farm Power celebrated its five-year anniversary in 2012.