Biogas Projects

Farm Power Tillamook

Smart Energy is working with Farm Power to install a regional digester in Tillamook that processes manure from five medium-sized family-owned dairies and turns it into renewable biogas. Manure from a combined 2,000 cows will be piped to and from the five separate farms, all located within a mile of each other in the cow-friendly Oregon coast climate.


Digesters use microbes to heat and break down animal waste, creating methane biogas. The leftover solids come out as clean, cheap animal bedding and the liquid byproduct can be used as a nutrient-rich fertilizer that does not have excessive odor or a harmful bacterial concentration that could affect water quality.

The project, which is the second one in Tillamook for Smart Energy, will produce enough biogas to generate up to 995 kW. The power will be sold to the Tillamook People's Utility District.