Biogas Projects

Moses Lake

In 2012 The Climate Trust contracted with Revolution Energy Solutions for Smart Energy's fifth project.

The ENERGY STAR-rated potato processing plant sends food wastes to a digester that treats wastewater and creates biogas. The plant burns the biogas in boilers, using the energy for plant operations.

This is the first Smart Energy Project to use organic waste instead of cow manure as feedstock for the digester. Smart Energy took on this project to meet the growing demand for high-quality offsets produced by methane-to-energy projects. Currently that demand is for nearly 60,000 tons a year.

With the exception of the feedstock, the Moses Lake project performs like a dairy digester: It captures methane for use as an on-demand renewable energy source.


Dairy digesters in the Pacific Northwest remain the preferred project type, but as demand grows we may consider other organic waste digestion projects. As with dairy projects, these organic waste digestion projects provide additional benefits to communities, including diverting waste from landfills.