Hydrogen: The other piece of the puzzle.

Clean hydrogen plays an important role in NW Natural's long-term plans for decarbonization. Hydrogen is already flowing through the pipes in Europe, and several power plants in the U.S. have announced plans to operate on a natural gas/hydrogen fuel mixture. We see unprecedented opportunities for bringing hydrogen into our energy mix at a large scale.

Hydrogen is key to decarbonization

  • Hydrogen has zero CO2 emissions at the point of use.
  • It is a versatile energy source that can be blended with natural gas and injected into existing pipelines, distributed in a dedicated pipe network, or combined with waste carbon dioxide and converted to synthetic natural gas.
  • Clean hydrogen1Clean hydrogen is defined in the federal Inflation Reduction Act as having an emissions profile of 4kgCO2e/kgH2 or less. can be created through the power-to-gas process, using surplus renewable electricity generated from solar and wind during periods of high output and low demand.
  • Carbon neutral hydrogen can be produced by reforming conventional natural gas, paired with carbon capture and storage.
  • Hydrogen can be stored on a large scale for long periods of time and delivered when needed.
Hydrogen process
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We want to anticipate our customers’ concerns. We are confirming that a hydrogen blend will operate the way natural gas does, that we can incorporate it safely in our systems.

Clean Hydrogen Projects

We’re conducting real-world research to determine maximum hydrogen blending levels we can safely add to our pipelines without significant modifications to our distribution system or our customers’ appliances. In 2021, we tested a 5% blend at NW Natural's state-of-the-art training facility in Sherwood, Oregon, and confirmed that it will work in our system. We’re now testing the blend on end-use equipment, including furnaces, fireplaces, and water heaters.

Become a Renewable Natural Gas or Hydrogen Supplier

We are currently seeking new supply opportunities

We are continuously looking to partner with organizations to increase our supplies of renewable gas.  We are interested in the sale of a total or partial interest in existing or development gas projects or for the sale of pipeline-quality RNG or hydrogen. We seek RNG resources and/or associated environmental attributes from around the country and from a wide variety of feedstocks and sources. To start the conversation, contact us at renewables@nwnatural.com.

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